Subject: Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 10

Subject Teacher: Jane Shaira A. Mondejar, LPT.

Subject Description: 

  • The first section is all about Music. It includes the elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, forms, and styles from all continents and historical periods. The concepts are presented based on the spiral, integrative, and multicultural approaches in music education. Many activities in this book are designed for students to have active involvement in the various creative musical processes. 
  • The second section discusses Arts, its various forms and elements.The approach is student-centered. The hands-on differentiated activities are geared towards developing students'creativity and self-expression. Students are given opportunities to create various art forms using locally available materials. 
  • The third section includes a thorough discussion of concepts in Physical Education and a comprehensive presentation of physical fitness activities. The Physical Education Curriculum under the K to 12 Basic Education Program has five learning strands which includes body management, movement skills, games and sports, rhythms and dance, and physical fitness. Many activities in this book are aimed at training students to have an active lifestyle for lifelong fitness and well 
  • The last section covers an in-depth discussion of Health Education and related health practices aimed to enlighten young people about the importance of appropriate health practices. The DepEd's K to 12 Health Education program focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual dimensions of holistic health. 

Overall, the student-centered instructional design is what binds the elements of each lesson. Complementing this design are the best practices in teaching that support learner-centered instruction. Each section has four quarters that correspond to the four grading periods. The lesson design then follows this format. 

Subject Summary of the Lessons:

  • Quarter 1. You will be able to learn about the following:
  1. Music:Understanding the Music of the 20th Century
  2. Arts: Modern Art
  3. P.E: Lifestyle and weight Management
  4. Health: Consumer Health
  • Quarter 2. You will be able to learn about the following:
    1. Music:Afro-Latin American Music and Popular Music
    2. Arts: 21st- Century Technology Based Art
    3. P.E: Understanding Lifestyle and Weight Management
    4. Health: Health Trends, Issues and Concerns (National Level)
  • Quarter 3. You will be able to learn about the following:
    1. Music:Contemporary Philippine Music
    2. Arts: Media- Based Arts and Design in the Philippines
    3. P.E: Dance Forms (Hip-hop and Contemporary Dance
    4. Health: Health Trends, Issues and Concern (Global Level)
  • Quarter 4. You will be able to learn about the following:
    1. Music:The 20th- and 21st -Century Multimedia Forms
    2. Arts: Original Performance with the use of Media: An Introduction
    3. P.E: Other Dance Forms (Cheer Dance,Street Dance, and Festival Dance)
    4. Health: Planning for a Health Carrier